Best tool for accelerating
processes and procedural approvals

Compatibility with world’s renowned ERPs

Transactions generated by ERPs or other applications in PDF, PNG, word, excel etc. can easily be uploaded .These transaction can easily be viewed in document viewer and can be commented by the approvers in case of reservations or otherwise

Supported by international SMS services

Now nothing can be missed and delayed. In order to strengthen alert system international SMS services API has been defined (Optional paid service) so that alerts can be received through emails and SMS both.

Version Based Tracking

In case of document rejection at any stage of approval cycle, system maintains the versions and history both for maintaining clarity and audit trail.

Easy and purpose built dashboards

Dashboard designed focusing user’s ease and quick response. Complex attractive designs avoided and priority given to purpose.

Less than 5 Minutes for new process setup

Time is essence. Each new workflow process takes just 5 minutes or less to built new hierarchical process flow relating to any approval, short term or long term, both. If we compare this with big ERPs processes, that takes weeks and high cost to built each one.

Office assignment in case of leaves

Easy and single click office assignment in case someone leaving for official or private tour. Just click alternate user tab, system would automatically activate already defined alternate user with alert email and new responsibility. Once user return, alternate user would just click alternate tab and your defined assignment would be restored.

Less than minutes for starting new approval

Each approval cycle against defined workflow process takes less than minute to select document for approval.

Best Security Profile

Security profile defined focusing current best practices. Admin side has no right to see approved documents and user side has no rights to see background settings of admin side. Process once start no document can be deleted even by user and admin both. User can view its own created or approved document only.

Internal number ranges and Printing

System Generates its own internal number ranges so that each approval can be tracked and monitored. Approved documents have the facility to take printouts of complete approval history.

Email Alert System

Email alert system is defined focusing user needs and ease. Once documents is generated email is forwarded to next approver and when approval cycle completes or rejects at any stage, final mail is forwarded to document creator for information.

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